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"If you follow these steps, I GUARANTEE you WILL have hot, motivated land leads calling you within 30 days!"

Join us for this 3-day deep-dive Bootcamp and watch “over my shoulder” as I show you exactly how we do marketing for land in 2023… even if you don’t have a lot of money… and even if you're brand new to land!

Join us for this 3-day deep-dive Bootcamp and watch “over my shoulder” as I show you exactly how we do marketing for land in 2023… even if you don’t have a lot of money… and even if you're brand new to land!

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Join us for this 3-day "LIVE" Land Marketing Bootcamp for just $37, and spend 3 days following along as we build your entire land marketing campaign... QUICKLY & CHEAPLY!

Knowing the best way to build and execute your marketing plan – especially when starting out in a new market – can sometimes be the hardest step.

It seems worse when the market seems as unpredictable at it is... and you're not sure how to...

  • Pick an ideal market to start doing land deals in (especially if the market you live in is expensive or not ideal for doing vacant land deals)
  • Build a list of hot, motivated sellers that have a higher chance of responding! (having the right leads, in the right county, makes ALL the difference)
  • ​Knowing exactly WHAT marketing to do to get these motivated sellers to call YOU! (especially if you have limited time or money for expensive marketing)

Fortunately for you, I have been doing & teaching what I believe is the best strategy for marketing for vacant land... and I want to show you our secrets!

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March 20th - 22nd 12pm Eastern Daily!

March 20th - 22nd
12pm Eastern Daily!



There's a full letter below that you can read to understand what we are doing, and why.

The short answer is this: I am doing a BRAND NEW, LIVE, 3-day Land Marketing Bootcamp on Monday, March 20th - Wednesday, March 22nd exclusively focused on how to pick a market, find motivated sellers for land, and send simple marketing that gets  high response rates... all in THREE DAYS!

In just THREE days (plus a couple bonus days), you will watch me:

- Research and pick a HIGH QUALITY market for vacant land
- Set up our basic marketing systems
- Pull a list of motivated sellers
- Set up and execute simple marketing to get these sellers to call ME!

And you get to watch "over my shoulder" as I do this all LIVE, March 20th - 22nd!

If you want to learn more, there is more information below.

But, we start on March 20th... and your investment is only $37.

What's Included?

  • An Entire 3-DAY Training Bootcamp - Join us for an in-depth training on how to pick a market, pull your list, and send marketing for hot, motivated land leads. $997 Value
  • Workbook, MindMap, & Resources - You will get ANY of the templates and resources I use throughout the bootcamp, including my training mindmap. We will also send you a custom PDF workbook that you can fill out during the bootcamp. $497 Value
  • FREE 7 days of ACCESS to the recordings of the masterclass, to re-watch important sections... or the entire thing! $297 Value

Total Value: $1,791

RSVP Today for $37

(Save over $1,754!)

...need some proof?
I have taught these strategies to thousands of private students...
If You're Sick & Tired of All The Hype, Scams & Claims You See Online Lately, Read Just a Few Amazing Success Stories From Real Students of Mine...
Here's what past Bootcamp students thought:
  • "Joe McCall gave so much valuable information and content. I appreciate all of his time and effort to bring this forth to the Real Estate Investing Community!"
  • ​"Your chill demeanor makes for excellent teaching."
  • ​"This has been a great supplement to Joe's main course! This has provided daily actionable tasks, broken down into smaller, bite sized segments. This is the best $97 I've spent!"
  • ​"You are on fire! Thanks for your help."
  • "​I learned from every training session! Seems like every time those doubts start welling up inside, Joe's videos give me the confidence to keep going. Thank you guys!"
  • ​"I enjoy the content. Thanks for making this affordable."
  • ​"Joe really wants students do deals and make money."
  • ​"Hey Joe, thank you... this was great!"
  • ​"A resounding 10+ for the content and style of teaching where Joe in his humble manner shared very generously his immense knowledge."
And some recent reviews of my top-rated Real Estate Investing podcast...

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  • 15+ Years Doing Deals - I've been in this business a LONG time, and I've done hundreds of deals, with my students doing thousands more.
  • Founder Of The Top-Rated Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast with over 10 MILLION downloads.
  • ​The #1 Go To Industry Expert On Flipping Land

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From The Desk Of: Joe McCall 
Subject: 2023 Land Marketing Bootcamp Invitation (Please RSVP)

I'm back!

I have been in this business for a long time. I've done millions of dollars in deals, and helped tens of thousands of investors build their REI businesses using my systems.

And I believe strongly... successful real estate investing comes down to one thing...


I've said it a lot before... we are not in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. If you are not marketing, for buyers and sellers, you will not only stop doing deals... you will stop having a real business.

I know when I got started, I realized this pretty early on. So I would go through these phases where I would do a bunch of marketing, get a bunch of leads, get really busy, start working the leads, getting them under contract, and I'd have to stop my marketing 'cause I couldn't handle the volume

And then I would get a bunch of leads under contract and then I would work hard to sell those deals and I'd make a bunch of money but I turn around and guess what? 

My pipeline was empty, I didn't have any more leads in there. And, marketing is not like a light switch. You can't just easily turn it on and expect leads to come in instantaneously.

There is a power of MOMENTUM in this business. It could take one or two months, just to start getting leads again at a good volume where I could close them and actually get more contracts. 

Momentum is the key. You have to start, and build, and maintain this to be successful longterm. And, it can be daunting at times... to think of the amount of work necessary to get a proper marketing system up and running properly.

What if... you could get your ENTIRE land marketing set up, in just three days, and running... generating motivated land seller leads for free (or very cheap).

What if... you could gain massive momentum, LIVE, in a matter of days... and a game plan for how to keep that momentum going... long after the bootcamp is over.

Then join me on Monday, March 20th (through March 22nd) for this 3-day Land Marketing Bootcamp. In just three days, watch "over my shoulder" as I demonstrate how to pick a hot market, pull a list of hot sellers, and send hot marketing... FAST, and in some cases, free!

Here's everything you need to know about this masterclass:
100% Virtual (& Affordable!)
This bootcamp will be done entirely virtual! You don't have to book a flight & hotel room. You don't have to leave your desk... heck, you can wear your pajamas if you want! The best part is... the marketing we will be focusing on is 100% completely virtual... so this will work no matter where you live! You can truly do this from a laptop & a phone, anywhere!

Free (& Cheap) Marketing Strategies
Hey, listen... I get it. Marketing can be expensive sometimes. That's why, for this masterclass, we are going to focus on those land marketing methods that are free and cheap. For some of you who can't afford a lot, this masterclass will be perfect. In my opinion, the best marketing is often times the marketing that doesn't cost you a dime.

Get more leads than you can handle
I'm going to warn you. When students work with us for the first time, there's a common problem they all experience... too many leads! Now, you probably won't get "too many" leads by the end of the bootcamp... but these strategies are usually more effective & aggressive than many are used to... so there's a high probability you'll start getting more leads than you're used to getting. So... make sure your CRM and systems are ready! :)

What's working TODAY - even in the midst of economic uncertainty?
I know there's a lot of concern and worry about the future of our economy and the housing market. Things are volatile now... and they may not jump back to normal anytime soon. Knowing how to market during this time is important. So, we're going to focus on marketing activities that are proven to perform in these times. We have multiple students doing multiple land flipping deals a month RIGHT NOW... we will specifically cover some of the things they're doing right.

Watch me get ALL of this done "over my shoulder"
You get to watch me, LIVE, as I pick a brand new market, set up my marketing systems, pull a list of sellers, and send them marketing letters! I'm going to focus on cheap & free methods in all areas, so you can follow along no matter your budget! This level of learning is invaluable and certain to give some of you the boost you need to take action.
Bottom Line
I hope you're as excited about this as much as I am... 

I realize that, even in 2023, there is still a lot of concern over the future of our economy and the real estate market. Deals don't flow the same way they used to a few years ago.

This makes a lot of people anxious about "how to" keep DOING this business. But, it's quite simple... keep doing what works best!

And, in my opinion... flipping land is the BEST opportunity in 2023... and what I am going to show you in this bootcamp is the BEST way to set up your marketing for land.

I charge a minimum of $10,000 to spend a day with me 1-on-1 (something I don't even do anymore)... and if I were to hold this bootcamp live, I would realistically charge closer to $7,500. But I want to make this bootcamp as accessible as possible for you. 

So, for this round, I'm only going to charge you ONLY $500  $37.

So, starting on Monday, March 20th, I will be opening up my virtual training center to a small group... and we are only looking to work with a handful of people who can take fast action, and aren't afraid to stop LEARNING and start DOING!
I have put a lot of effort into delivering this bootcamp... and we already received RAVING reviews. I want you to join us before it's too late!

But you have to act now. Once we get going on March 20th, we're going to close the doors to focus on those who have invested into themselves.

So... you have until March 20th to sign up and join us.
Just click the button below… and we’ll take it from there.
Talk soon!

- Joe McCall
Summary Of What's Included:
  • 3-DAY, Land Marketing Masterclass with Joe McCall
  • ​Free (& Cheap) Marketing Strategies for Land
  • ​Get more leads than you can handle
  • ​What's working TODAY - even in our crazy & unpredictable market
  • Watch me get everything set up "over my shoulder"
  • ​Private Student Group including 7-days access to the recordings.
  • ​ALL the resources I use, plus my teaching MindMap & custom bootcamp workbook!
  • ​Join today; Only $37! We start on Monday, March 20th!
The bootcamp closes in:

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The bootcamp doors close in:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for the Land Marketing Bootcamp?

This LIVE Land Marketing Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to build a simple & profitable marketing plan for doing vacant land deals, and be able to enter a new market and start doing effective & affordable buyer and seller marketing... all within 3 days!

How Do I Get Access To The Bootcamp?

After you register you'll be taken to a page that has a link to the Facebook Group. We will also send it to you via email. 

Use your primary email so you'll be sure to see it!

You'll receive your confirmation email within 15 minutes of enrolling. If you haven't received it, be sure to check your spam folder or contact us at

Here are some instructions to make sure you whitelist our email address.

What if I can't be there live For The Entire Bootcamp?

Not a problem! We will keep the bootcamp replays up in the Facebook Group for a few days so you can catch up on the trainings!

How do I know this will work for me? is there a guarantee?

Listen... these strategies work. You can see dozens/hundreds of testimonials above that prove that. Me and my team are consistently doing deals today, along with hundreds of our top students.

But I'll prove it to you. This bootcamp is 100% risk-free for you. Simply attend the training, and at any point during the bootcamp you feel you are not getting at least DOUBLE the value you paid for... simply email my team ( within 48 hours, and we will refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Does Joe really give away those awesome prizes?

Yes!!! Anyone who knows me can confirm that generosity is a core value to me. I love giving away items during my challenges & bootcamps, including SEVERAL $100 Amazon gift cards, and a GRAND PRIZE "full price" ticket to my Simple Land Flips program!
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